Have you thought about your username?


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Aug 14, 2015
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Stevens Point, WI
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Have you ever thought about why you have the username that you do? What made you pick it and what made you use this username for multiple sites, if you do use it for more than one site?

My username, Footballfan993, is a rather odd username for me, because I don't like American football or soccer, or any sport for that matter. The reason I choose this was because I signed up for my email address, during a Super Bowl, and I wanted 93, at the end instead of 993, because I was born in 1993, but the 1993 ending was taken, so I had to settle for the username Footballfan993. I use this username for a lot of things, but I am gradually starting to use my real name as a username. I don't use my footballfan993 email account anymore, and my Instagram and Twitter handles are all some variation of my real name.

What about your username?
Mine is just random characters I came up with by banging on a keyboard

Or I'm a random character, one or the other ;)
I use the same username everywhere. It's a variation of my name. I've found it's easier to be nice to people when I'm not really anonymous. If I wouldn't say it in real life, I shouldn't be saying it on the internet, right? :)
"Ride the spiral to the end, it may just go where no one's been..."
Hmmm. There! I did it:)
It's something I came up with to use elsewhere related to camera collecting. (Not sure how exactly, think I just played around with various ones and used whatever wasn't already in use). Not sure it quite makes sense on this site so much.

But if I tried to come up with something else I'd never remember who I am.
I use my name so people can look me up and figure out who i am and then judge me for whatever they think i am based on their research, boredom, and down stupid view of themselves because they spent so much f****** time looking me up to see who i was because they thought they could feel better about themselves enlight of the fact that they ....

I'm angry tonight, I need to go to bed.
my fell from the heavenly skies, and a manufacturing plant in Japan or Indonesia or something.
no great depth of thought went into making it though as the other 999 usernames I wanted were already taken.
I wanted something I could remember easily and was still of the old belief that you should not use your real name as part of a user name, so I used the name of a cat I had at the time along with the year I was born....I'm not to happy with the user name now and the cats been gone for years, but whats done is done.
Have you thought about your username?
Not recently.


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