Good Literature for Amateurs?


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Jul 14, 2003
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Might as well jump in with two posts in a row!

Can anyone recommend a good book/manual for a mediocre photographer? I've taken a class here in New York that dealt primarily with black and white photography, darkroom, etc. I'd like to now learn more about technique - f stops, shutter, metering, lenses, films, etc. I have a rudimentary knowledge, but would really like to improve.

At the age of 29 I'm actually trying to find a way to move into photography as a career. Easy? Obviously not. But it is a dream of mine so why not give it a shot.
theres a great book by henry horenstein(not sure of the spelling), its called "black and white photography" i got it at the local shop, but its everywhere. its for beginners like me.

I actually have the Hornstein book. Though it's helpful, I'm looking for something more oriented towards manually taking photos.

Essentially, I want to be able to pick up my camera in any situation and know what settings are appropriate. For example, I was taking some shots in the park yesterday and simply couldn't figure out where to go manually. When I set it at f-8, I think the shutter speed metered at around 750. I'm guessing something was awry there. It also could've been the result of having 800 speed film loaded.

Man, this is the forum I've been seeking out for some time.

Good to meet you folks.


If I read your post right, your question is about the relations of the F-stop, shutter speed and film speed and how they work, along with how to adjust them when shooting.

Is that right. If so
Lots of Practice, make notes the settings, are you bracketing.

You said you took a class. Did if cover any thing about EV (exposure value) understanding this will help with the F-stop and shutter speed relations. This is hard for me to put in words. I will not try to explain. Maybe some one else can.

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