Good Morning from Denny's


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Dec 10, 2007
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Los Angeles
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I ate breakfast at Denny's today.. while I was sitting there, waiting for my food, I couldn't stop staring at this light fixture, so I had to take a pic.

This is from my Sony DSC-H3, p&s.

That's a really cool light fixture.
God, I wish we had a Denny's in my area.
So do I , I think the nearest for me is Brampton.
Most Denny's closed actually...
even though denny's isnt good food it was one of those places you'd go to anyways, very sad i dont have one by me anymore. cool shot
everytime i eat dennys, the browns always make it to the superbowl

local diner > anywhere else
Heh.. well, i'll admit it's not the greatest, but the Denny's around here isn't too bad for the price... just gotta lower your standards a little. :clap:
It is a cool picture, and I'm sorry your thread became a review for Denny's :lol:

I think the photogz like Denny's because you can order by pictures! :lmao:

The same people probably point at other people's dinner and say I'll have that. :mrgreen:


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