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    I am photographing for a local baseball tournament and I am burning disks with pictures on them and selling them to the parents of the kids playing baseball.

    This is what I have had in mind.

    I have a laptop... and a spare monitor that I can hook up to my laptop. On the external monitor I want a slideshow to be running on it. I need the slideshow to include the image's name... the image's name has to be big..

    So I will photograph the game.. after the game.. dump the pictures onto my laptop then run a slideshow for the parents to see what photos they would like. They will write down the file's name they want.... And then I will dump it onto a disk.

    So I need a good program that can run a image slideshow with readable file names that I can run on my second monitor.

    Or can you even display the names of the pictures in Windows Slide Show?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS... Sorry if it is in the wrong section.


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