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Apr 16, 2010
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Hermitage, PA
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Got up at 5:30 am after sleeping the entire night. My mother took the kids!!!



Love number one, albeit a bit cliché. Number 2 doesnt do anything for me. Great exposure on 3.
Absolutely love the first one. Other two don't do as much for me although the colors on the third add to the overall picture in a positive way.
Love the first one.
I think I'd like to see the boat just a tiny bit higher into the frame. (FWIW)
Really like #1... came out nice. I would have to disagree with Pierre that it's cliche; depth-of-field shots on the neck of guitar are cliche... I wouldn't say this is in the same category. Sure... shots like this have been taken before... but it's not like every photographer in the world has a well-done shot of fishermen in the mist.

#2... eh. Not bad, per say, but not really interesting.

#3 is okay, but the flagpole kind of bothers me in this composition. The building is the eye-drawing subject of this photo, but ends up being crowded into only half of the frame because of the flagpole taking up so much vertical space. The flagpole really draws my eye in this composition, when I think the house is supposed to be the real subject. I don't really have any suggestions to do better off the top of my head, though.
Love #1! Did you take some more to the bottom? The shadow is kinda tight. You could always do content aware distortion to give more space beneath the shadow. I agree with bitter that you need to make the boat a tad bigger. But I do think the extreme dead space helps this photo!
#1 all the way......Wow!! I might like them a little darker and higher.:thumbup:
Whatever you decide, this really is a lovely shot.

I like #1. I'm a fan of fog shots :) Tequila shots too ...
I agree with the others about them being too low - looks like you almost lost the head reflection.
Perfect Bitter...

And I like Tequila shots too!!

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