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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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It seems like I am beginning to like this path quite much, so I return there over and again and soon I might have a real series of pictures ... can't wait for the first spring views of this very path with lots of green. :D



I believe they would make an awesome series, they are beautiful..keep posting them. It's always nice to see the chaning of the seasons in one area of anothers country.
Very nice... I think it would be cool to have 4 shots (one each season) taken from the same spot and framed together in a mat with 4 cutouts. I wanted to do something like that but where I lived in Florida our 4 seasons were 1)Hot, 2)Real Hot, 3)Still Hot, and 4)Rain...
You can make calendars and give them out as Christmas gifts next year!
Iron Flatline said:
You can make calendars and give them out as Christmas gifts next year!

She already does that :lol:

Corinna, I LOVE the first one. I love the haziness in the extreme back ground and the beautiful color of the leaves on the path. I can't wait until the series is complete!
I love that first shot.
The bold colors. I love it!
Wonder in the fall what it would look like if you had an old bench to set in the middle of the road and set up a family portrait.
Hmmm, just thinking. (Family Christmas Cards)

All are beautiful!
I am just a autumn colors nut!!!
Nice series... I like the first one best also. Nice saturation.
These are amazing Corinna. Looks like it would be a really peaceful walk there.
awesome shots corinna, i too cannot wait to see the next shots in your "series"!!! :thumbup:

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