Grand Canyon Milky Way


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Jun 2, 2015
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Grand Canyon.jpg

Canon 5D Mark III
Canon Lens 24-70 2.8L II + Tamron 14 2.0
More amazing shots.

Over-all, very nice...particularly the first image. I would very much sharpen that first image a bit me it looks just a tad soft. If this was shot in RAW, I also might play with the fill light just a bit and maybe open up the blacks a little as well...bring out that incredible foreground a little more.

Looking at both images a bit closer, both do seem to suffer from just a bit of long exposure/star trail thinks the earth beneath your feet may have moved a tich during the exposure! LOL! If you really zoom into the image, you can see that the stars in both shots are just a bit elongated...a common problem with longer exposure astro pics such as these. If these were my shots, I might very well take them into a proper astronomy imaging program such as AstroStack and see if I could clean that up.

I think with just a bit more work, those would be some truly amazing...dare I say "stellar" images :)

Well done.
Really nicely done! I like both images, as they each have their uniqueness to them.

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