Graphics cards, win 10 and rendering speed.


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Dec 11, 2006
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A couple of weeks ago, I installed Win 10 over Win 7 and was having enough problems with waking from sleep/hibernation that I seriously considered restoring Win 7.

Win 7 had been kind to me; I ran two large monitors on an I7 machine with an ssd for the programs and a HD for data. The sole problem I had was that the graphics processor didn't get along with PS but I could live with that.

I was stumped about the Win 10 awakening issues until I noticed that, although the monitors remained without a picture, automatic tasks like backups ran perfectly when awoken from hibernation or sleep.
So I realized that it might be a graphics card issue and the card wasn't working on awaken always.
Win 10 assured me I had the best and newest driver for the graphics card; this was verified by the mfg. site.
Eventually I did notice that the driver was a couple years old and would not be updated.
So I guessed that it was plausible that the driver and the card were not Win 10 compatible; so I got a geoforce GT 740 with 4 GB.

A new world has arisen.
Not only have the hibernation/sleep problems gone away but the difference in performance of PS and LR was remarkable. All of the screen changes go essentially instantly and the filter effects that take actually take time to happen (lens blur, etc) happen essentially instantaneously.

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