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Oct 17, 2006
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Bradley, IL
:lol: Brandon (Clark Kent) & I went to Alton, IL for the Eagle migration the last week of January. There was a snow storm 1st 2 days, but on our 3rd day out the sun was shining but it was still very cold out. We were near the locks & dam. I couldn't resist snapping a pic of Brandon. There is a museum there and this huge inflatible eagle standing out by the door. I coaxed the eagle to move a little behind Brandon for this photo. Only good photo of an eagle for the morning! Thanks for looking and of course, C/C welcome!

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Thanks for the comment. When you're out taking pictures, it's good to have 1 or 2 with a little humor in it. Makes for a memorable trip and experience.
Ah yes, I remember that day, it was cold and I couldn't find my stocking cap. That was a fun day!!!
So were you the yayhoos causing all the traffic backup on the Great River Road? :lmao::lmao:

We like to find the tourists and tell them there's a tree full of "rare black eagles" (vultures) up the road. You should see them scramble!

I love your pic!
Didn't see any yayhoos where we were at. I'll keep an eye open for 'em next year. Glad you like the pic. Thanks for the comment!

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