great shootout II shot


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Feb 1, 2006
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in the middle of north carolina
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something in a glass that is not a liquid.
The colours are absolutely goregous and the composition amazing!

2 teeny weeny little things that distract me ... (amazing how these little things can be so powerful) ... firstly, top right corner, a tiny bit of grey and secondly the light on the jar is a little bright. Don't know if you agree.

Fab picture though! :D
Ah yes you have two very good points. Let me explain then I will take my licks graciously. I do just as little as humanly possible to my photographs. I am a retro kind of guy. That said, here comes my cop out explaination.

The background is a frosted window from my old studio. There are lots of old paint spots and just plain dirt. Im afraid to wash or scrape it. It comes in way to handy now and then.

The bright light on the glass I know it isn't just a tiny winnie bit it is awful. My cop out is that the back light through that window is so strong it is hard to balance the front light. I shoot all my digital with a point and shoot camera that has no features at all. So I cant balance the flash period. I tried paper over it and blocking it out almost completely no help at all.

Finally I pulled up an old light bulb in reflector that I use now and then for ebay stuff. I had to have it right on top of the picture to get the back light balanced. That is why it has that flare. So in the end I was torn, toss the pic or accept that I was going to have to explain it and throw myself on the mercy of the court.

The short answer is I know , and wish I had a polarizer or could have lit if from the sides or brought a second lamp over. As it was I opted to play it as it lay.

Actually the story of how it was made is kind of interesting I find as I edit it.
I like the colors here, too. Very soft and tender. :thumbup: And I don't mind the bright background of the window at all - it really helps the flowers to stand out.

I have to agree that the flash is too much on the brush jar....the other thing that bothers me is the inclusion of the plastic thing in the middle, with the white cap. It's just not as pretty to look at as the brushes and the flowers. :)
Note to self remove drawing pencil before shooting again. It is a fair comment from a painter. (Mumbling about barefoot artist who paint nude)..oops realized you meant the paint bottle... now I dont know about that.

Ah but are the colors real or memorex. and the paint bottle disguises my palet.
I'm pretty much in awe! Cue composition versus photoshop. Or paintshop pro. Wherein lies the skill? That is the question. Or is it?
It isn't anything at all. the only thing I did to it was to degrade the colors with a freeware program of filters. Otherwise it is right out of a cheapo digital camera.

By the way take a look at my washed out still life prints and tell me what you think of them. I'm thinking the world isnt ready for them yet lol.

I did reshoot it to get rid of the glare that is different otherwise it is the same shot minus the paint jar but I liked it lol

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