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Jun 14, 2006
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Toronto, ON
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This is a story known to all photographers of all levels, with any camera, at any time.

In what little experience I have of picture taking, I prefer it gets to the point where I have to force myself to take it out if I'm in the car with the rents, or wandering around with friends or whatnot.

So anyway, driving him from work tonight, saw so many quality shots...just things like a spookily-lit Cathedral, random goings-on of downtown, and it's like GAH why's my camera at home...on my computer..doing nothing..when it could be here, in the car, doing something.

Somehow, I doubt times like these will never change, no matter what camera I have, how experienced I am or anything like that.

Still....grr :x
There's a reason that I ALWAYS keep my camera in the car with me...;)
Luxury you can't afford when you're doing the usual and borrowing the rents' ;)

All in good time, though...I was half-considering going back out downtown after coming back, this time with the camera, but was nothing different, just nice to see :)
a tiny rf is tiny enough to go in your pocket. Some pretend that you can have it in your PANTS pocket, with a collapsible lens. you know what to do now....
my RF is unfort. too big : a Kiev IIIa, it's huge and doen't have any collapsible lens... :'(
If you are like me and own several cameras then keep one of them in the car, just as long as it's not an expensive camera.

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