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Dec 4, 2007
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A few shots from Galveston.




You would make it a lot easier for folks to review your images if you would number them as you post them - makes each image a lot easier to refer to. Having said that, the first one and the last one are probably the best of the bunch. The third one might be better if you cropped out the ship in the background. On the second one - well what do I say, the south side of a north-bound gull???

For the last one, watch the crop, as you have cut off the wing tip on the left and this sort of cropping always detracts from the composition of the image. HTH.

Crop out the ship? Good grief... that's part of the story.
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If you are happy with your shots and don't want people to invest their time and thoughts critiquing then you should consider posting in the Just for Fun gallery, posting in the other galleries invites C&C since this is a teaching site.
Unsolicited Critique? If you post it, it is assumed you want critique... unless you post in "Just for Fun" which is a C&C free zone, more or less.

I more or less agree with WesternGuy...

#1 is the best... love the "look" the gull top right is giving the gull next to him...

#2 shows some decent feather detail.. no eyes... not much interest... non-photographers (facebook, etc) would love it, but they know little about photography.

#3 The ship is part of the "Story"? Then why did you use such a large aperture as to blur the ship so badly you can hardly make out what it is, except through context? I would have either kept it sharper.. or cropped it out!

#4 could have been nice, except for the cropped wing, with that... not really a keeper IMO!... "composition was hurried due to his close proximity" at 300mm... with your 70-300 (listed in your profile Nikon D80; Sigma 150; Nikon 18-70, 70-300VR, 50/1.8; Gitzo GT2540; RRS BH-40) no doubt? Zooming out was not an option? That is what zooms are for!

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