H Light

These look great. I love the color gradient of the sky from the yellow to orange to red and blue. Why is your thread title "H Light"?
It should have been Head Light...aka..Portland Head Light
Nice, prefer the second capture since the lighthouse and building are more visible.
I looked at the first shot and said " Very Nice" than I thought maybe, I'd like to see one with the sun a wee bit down and voila the 2nd pic came into view. :)
These are beautiful. I do like the 2nd more than the 1st (the sun is a bit too bright and too distracting in the 1st image -- but much nicer in the 2nd image.) Also, I noticed the dynamic range is better in image #2. Notice that due to the stronger light in image #1 the side of the house is bright and the front face is darker. In #2 the lighting is not so strongly contrasted so the front of the house shows more detail.

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