New Mexico - The Land of Enchantement


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Feb 18, 2013
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Springfield Va.
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Had a trip a few weeks ago back to where I spent most of my teen years. Having rekindled my love for photography, I thought I would set out to some of my places I used to visit and try to capture the beauty.

I'm so used to seeing NM with clear blue skies and phenomenal colors of sunsets. The particular week, it rained over the mountains every evening, completely eliminating any chance of for spectacular sunsets I'm always remember.

Here are some captured, please provide some feedback/CC as it's always welcome. Pic #3 has a dust spot and I need to remove telephone lines, yup, just saw them after posting.

1. I huge sand storm kicked up while I was out on the White Sands National Monument dunes. Couldn't change lens, couldn't go back to the car and wait it out (about a mile away) so, I stuck it out. Had my shot framed as I was waiting for the sun to set and one of the other photographers in the area decides to go for a stroll.. right into my picture. Thanks buddy :)
20150826 NM White Sands Natl Monument105-Edit by Dan Girard, on Flickr

2. This is a little bit later after the one above, love the texture in the sand and the contrasting colors.
20150826 NM White Sands Natl Monument125-Edit by Dan Girard, on Flickr

3. This was shot from the entrance to the dunes at 630 in the morning as I was waiting for the gates to open up. I'd love to be able to get closer to this island, but it's behind some serious locked gates, so probably belongs to the White Sands Missile Range.
[url=]20150829 NM White Sands Natl Monument-001-4 by Dan Girard, on Flickr[/URL]

4. Went out shooting with family one day, and while every body was popping off .22, .38, .45, 30-02 etc. I was doing some shooting of my own.
20150823 NM Alamo Shooting-008 by Dan Girard, on Flickr
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The strolling photog's human form really made shot #1 come alive! Shot #2 is interesting too. I'd love to see White Sands some day. Looks like a really great place for photography, and New Mexico is sort of legendary for the quality and beauty of the natural light that it has. Thanks for posting these photos.
Nominating #1 for PoTM, one of my favorite images I've seen on here in a while
jsecordphoto said:
Nominating #1 for PoTM, one of my favorite images I've seen on here in a while

I totally agree with this sentiment...well-deserved, and a brand-new favorite of the photos I have seen posted here recently.
Neat shots - #1 looks like a frame out of the movie ET.

The White Sands are on my bucket list - hope to get there next year.

The White Sands are really cool. Great job with your pictures.
Thanks everybody for the kind words. New Mexico is not just a place you can go and see in a day or two. To really understand and enjoy what it has to offer you need time, lots of time.

Thank you SOOO much for the nominee to POTMjsecordphoto, this is the first time in my years being here that I've been nominated so I'm extremely thrilled you found my photo worthy.
#1 and 2 are AWESOME.

New Mexico is a fantastic place and seriously underrated, especially the northern part of the state. There are some mind blowing hidden gems that very few people, even locals, know about and can rival some of the best scenery in the world. Not to mention the spectacular sunrises and sunsets!

Crazy weather happens here too; lightning storms, monsoons, floods, dust storms, fog-filled valleys, etc. A landscape photographer's dream.
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