Happy birthday Terri!!!!!!!111......


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Jan 21, 2006
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:flower:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:flower:

Hope you have wonderful day! :hug:::heart:
...and from me also. You'll be interested (but not a lot) to know that it's Anne-Marie's birthday also today. So Happy Birthday to you both, though I am only taking one of you out for a meal this evening - guessing the two of you will have to flip a coin....
Thank you, sweeties! :D

My heart is still in Wichita, KS at the moment - he is retro-fitting a King Air plane for his aerial photography outfit, and hopefully, once the camera is installed in the belly and they take it out and shoot some rolls, everything will work and he'll be back tonight. :love: Yes, he has a fun job!

Chris: and a Happy Birthday to Anne-Marie! No coin-flipping here....she wins the turkey. :mrgreen:

:hugs: Have a good one!
Ouch! That's harsh... :er:
No no, no - it's not meant to be harsh - it's a Southern USA kind of thing. (Or, I should say: THANG.) Whatever the prize is - you win the turkey!!!! :thumbup: See? Anne-Marie should be happy!

I love regional phrases. Bet you could confuse a lot of people in your office if you told them they won the turkey. ;) Try it!

For unknown reasons, Southerners place emphasis on turkeys with certain sayings. A heavy, sudden downpour, for example, is "a turkey strangler". :scratch:

Thus concludes your Southern vernacular lesson for the day. :mrgreen: I could go on, but these types of threads tend to get scary.
Happy birthday and hope you don't have to go "cold" turkey after the celebrations.
Oh, of course!


(I had planned to start a thread early this morning - my morning, when it was not quite Terri's birthday yet - but postponed starting it ... and now I see I should not have done so! It went all out of my mind ... :oops: - sorry, Terri).

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