Happy Thread: Don't worry be happy

The sun is shining and maybe all the snow that still remains will finally melt and then, who knows?, spring might come! :D
Interview tomorrow! The president told me I am the top candidate! He gave me an inside scoop about what they want to hear. I think he is helping me out.

Another, wife and I rushed to the hospital last night due to baby concerns (only 25 weeks). All worked out well and we are having another Girl! That rounds out the family, two boys and two girls - my services are no longer needed. Oh yeah, it was a false alarm.

I can go on but I do not want to hijack the thread. All and all life is gooooooood!
New Camera bag shipped yesterday. Should be arriving tomorrow!!


Happy things.....

1. I have a new grandson due in Aug.. :)
2. My Camera is due back from surgery in about a week :)
3. The 1st of Spring arrived finally!
4. The list could go on and on but for now I'll stop here :)
woodsac said:
Happy for bace. That's a sweet bag...I have one :D

Nice. I got it because my new flash wouldn't fit in the other bag I had.

It barely fit in the new one, but I moved the inards around to my liking.

It's definatly comfortable and I can't wait to use it.
Today was my last day of classes prior to break
Leaving for Thailand later this week

Congratulations to all the parents/grandparents to be :)
I was reminded to appreciate the little things by watching my children. The boys thought it was a special occasion to help bathe the baby. The baby, after being properly washed spent a good hour smiling and cooing at the zebra on her swing. It is cliche, but my children have taught me so much.
Awe. I want babies.
Got three days off work

Going away for the weekend with my wife

I finally got my MF films developed, and they are ready - just 100 miles away from where I am - so I don't know if the cameras are any good, I'll pick em up next week

There's still more beer in the fridge

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