Hasselblad C/M + Distagon CF 50mm or sale or trade


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Oct 17, 2010
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Bologna, Italy
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I have an Hesselblad outfit for sale:
1 Hasselblad C/M black body
1 120 magazine
1 Kiev pentaprism (perfeclty working wwith no optical damage, the meter is not working but it's perfeclty repairable by anybody with a good knowledge of ex-USSR stuff: a cable went loose and was making some noise, a friend who repairs vintage cameras but is not specialized on this kind of stuff, did a nice CLA but did choose to avoid any guessing, and refrained from soldering the cable, also because he thought that, while the pentaprism in iyself is perfeclty fine, the meter is not so dependable, so he gave me the advice to use a handheld meter, as with the standard waist-level finder)
1 Zeiss Distagon CF T* 50mm (missing front and back caps: i used the lens on camera, with a Cokin P holder with hood and cap, so at the moment i can't find them; i will assure a suitable packaging, that would avoid any damage)

The camera body was cleaned and checked as well, and had no film run through it since then.
The back has some light paint scratches, much less than ANY professionally used Hassy.

I can ship abroad, and even have a buy it now auction setup ad-hoc on Ebay, with PayPal payment, if you like.
Contact me in PM with reasonable offers.

I am even open to a trade, but you must reside within reach (north-central Italy).
I am interested in vintage lenses, mostly portrait (soft focus, diffused focus, call them as you like) of long focal, preferably with 8x10 coverage.
Also long Petzvals (at least 17 inches) and wooden field cameras (Deardorff, Agfa-Ansco, B&J, Gundlach-Korona... 8x10" or bigger).

I have other stuff for sale or trade, namely a Mamiya Press Super 23 with normal and tele lenses (the latter is a 150mm as new, probably never used!), with plenty of accessories (backs, ground glass, and even cut film holders with some 6.5x9cm. B&W film to experiment with:blushing:).
I even have a 75mm, as new, with its finder, perfect for a 6x12cm. panoramic camera. IMHO it's optically better than single-coated Super Angulons, and of course the price reflects it.

I have plenty of large format lenses for sale, for 4x5" and 5x7", and some even have 8x10" coverage, for example convertible Symmars (135mm, 150mm, 210mm and 240mm). The first one can be had in shutter or in barrel, while the latter is sold as "cells only", but fortunately is a late version for standard No. 3 shutters.
I used to be a semi-pro quite some time ago, now i am just an amateur, and recently i got a lttle sick about digital, falling in love again for large film formats. After dismantling my darkroom, the only choice left is contact printing, so the larger the film size the better.
So i am also selling a couple of my view cameras: a Kodak Master View 4x5, in very nice condition, and an italian made Fatif camera 13x18cm./5x7", an old model with a squared monorail and rack and pinion focusing on both standards.

Pictures of everything i am going to sell will be available upon request.
I didn't make the pictures already, so please ask for them only if you have a serious interest

have fun


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