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Jan 28, 2009
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I am really curious at how this looks like through someone else's eyes.

Wow, the patterns of the wall and floor are bugging my eyes out!

The patterns actually (to me) seem to create a sense of movement, which is funny for a still-life sort of photo. It is actually a bit hard to look at.
An ever so slight crop on the left side to make it symmetrical may do it for me. Something is off for me and I think it's the more left wall showing than right wall.

Yeah, the patterns. They are doing crazy stuff to my eyes as well.
Kinda looks 3D, I like it. :thumbup:
(It has depth - I feel like I'm there.)

I agree that a small crop for symmetry would help a lot.
The walls make the area look cluttered and isolated. It looks like a great place to have a photoshoot though. Great shot by the way.
It does not work for me: too much contrast and too much barrel distortion.
i agree with the last two, slightly overdone, i mean as your doing it it may seem like its getting better and better as you do it, i did that on a few of my pics but everyone told me they look like pencil drawings, so i just made subtle changes and it seems to work better when it looks real, only enhanced.
Thank you all for the comments, much appreciated.
It's odd that the right bench has longer legs and a shorter back than the left, making it the same overall height...

i like the 2nd one better, too.

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