Having an 85 when I have 50 & 135?


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Mar 9, 2014
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Am I missing something by not having the 85? I shoot a lot of portraits and wonder if I'm missing out if I bought a 135 instead. I'm debating between the Zeiss Planar 1,4/85 and Zeiss Sonnar 2,8/135.
Depends; IMO, the 85 is one of the essential focal lengths for the portrait photographer, but I'm not sure it's too useful for much else.
You could ask the same question about the 200mm prime. ;)
Almost everyone has a 70-200 (so you can use it at 85, 135 and 200), or maybe you can borrow one (or the 85) and try it for few days
and find out what you like better.

Between 85 and 135, I'd get the 135, or even a 105 macro, but..
Do you have a telephoto zoom lens covers both focal length? If the answer is yes, you can try both focal lengths and see which one you think you will use most.
I'd say that you should rent a all purpose lens and try it out for a week before you make this decision. You can later in post check out what focal length you used the most and make your decision based on that. 85mm or 135 or any other may not be for you since a lot of it is taste.
135 or 85? What is behind you? A wall or a alley? When your in a closet, 35 works well.

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