HDR and HDR mixed with Long exposure


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Aug 13, 2012
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Portland, OR
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I like the top 2. Third doesn't do it for me. They're nice shots though. I think HDR is better out of camera though personally.

Keep clickin away though!
Just my opinions:

#1- I have never seen a sky that color in real life, it looks like you used a desaturation brush, and went all around the area of the sun. Just saying thats what it looks like. Sorry, but the colors/processing just looks off too much for me to like this photo at all.

#2- Very nice. I like pretty much everything about it expect the placement of the watermark.

#3- Does jump out to me as far as being really good or really bad. So I'd say its okay.
Thank you for the feedback guys. As far as water mark goes, I do have reasons to place it right there .

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