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Jan 21, 2006
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I wasn't gonna post this one but i was bored........ i wanted the church more to the left to improve composition, but it was raining and i was under a tree and couldn't move ;)

The church and forground is a 6 exposure HDR merge at -2 stops each untill the last which was -1 stop. I replaced the sky cuz it was rubbish....... but im working on developing this style, its similar to the processing i used on my 'folly' post........ inspired by the film and music video Creator Michel Gondry........ so you'll see more of this slighlty surreal look from me.

Thanks for lookin :)
Wow, that is awesome and so dramatic to. I love how you got some of the cemetery in there and the sky just tops it off..awesome job.
thanks guys.....

acsonpg.... yes i shot it wideangle because i was stuck under the tree, and it was the only way of getting everything in frame..... but also because im going for a slightly surreal look, i didn't mind the lean of the church. ;)
I like it. Looks a little more doctored (sky looks too blue for the coloring of the church) than the others shots of yours using this technique, but still real nice.
Very cool image. And it does indeed look somewhat surreal, so you accomplished what you wanted. I, too, like how it's got a 'looking uphill' angle to it, with the gravestones fully depicted in the foreground. I don't know much about HDR, but know I like this image.
Very Nice work... I love the new HDR feature in CS2.

--Cheers, Paul
Nicely done Arch. Love the look to this one.
Very interesting effect. I really like the overall color / contrast of the church and its surroundings. The sky is a little too blue for my taste.

Same question as Alex06: What is HDR?

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