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Apr 2, 2009
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Hello there, they were all nicely done HDRs. Some had more interesting subject matter than others, but I saw one that really stood out to me and it was of a small street with a bicycle leaning on one wall. It had great composition and a lot of interesting things to look at. I would say that would be your strongest photo.
Thank you very much! Yeah, on that picture is a small street in the Chinatown of Kobe! ;))
To be honest -

I think these are a great expression of HDR photography - very subtle and nicely processed.

Mind if I ask how many exposures you used and what the exposure comp was between each of them. I'd be delighted to get these kind of results.

Nicely done,
Thank you daithi33! Well, I've used 3 exposures - at EV -2, EV 0, EV +2. I'm doing it with self-timer. Then I have processed with Photomatix & Noise Ninja in The PS!

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