Sony Xperia 10 iii Stills

Main Camera "2x Zoom" (digital enlargement)

This set of images is using the main camera but at "2x" digital zoom (enlargement). If you understand the technology, then the obvious result is that the focus distance should be the same, and the number of pixels used to portray 1mm of an image should be 2x, but since the lens and sensor have not changed, the detail and "optical resolution" should drop proportionally meaning one "gains nothing" by doing this. If this is not true, then something odd is happening.

I still have not had the time to do any calculations, and it might be a long time before I do. Moreover, when I do my work, I might not cover a calculation that you would like done. Put simply, I don't care. You have close enough to the same base images that I have to work from, and you can do your own math. If you do, then you can post your results and we'll all learn what you found out.

- Crop from 620,480



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"Bokeh" is not really new to western photography, but we have adopted the Japanese term for it because it is faster than saying what it means in English which is "blurring due to shallow depth of field". Ok, I agree. Replacing about seven words with a single five letter word is worth it. Interestingly, I am not sure if the Xperia 10 iii had it in its original firmware. It might have, but if so, I did not get around to trying for quite a while. Ironically, I did not even try it until I was in a photographic situation where I felt it was needed. So I took a number of tried and kept the one I liked best. A few days later I tested it more formally with a pair of pictures of a telephone pole.

[Following paragraph added 2022-09020 10:00

In the Camera "information / Introduction to features" the following are lasted as "new" features: "QR Code reader", "Triple Camera", "Bokeh effect" and "Night Shot". But it does not say when they were "new". For example, I do not remember a time when "Triple camera" was not available. If it was there right from the first time I used the camera, what does that tell me about what they are calling "new"?]

The first three files are my telephone pole test pictures. The first picture "DSC_0001" used the Bokeh control while the "DSC_0002" was a "base case" showing the same composition without it. "DSC0001b" was my test to see where "out of focus" began. In fact, the telephone pole is blurred along its edge and maybe an inch or two nearer the camera. The "Yellow_0001a" picture used the "bokeh" control to blur out a distracting unattractive background.

As far as I can see, the function works well enough. I hope I do not start relying on it too much. I generally prefer a well composed background which integrates the main subject with it s surroundings.


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Chrysanthemums, about 1 - 1.5 inch blossoms. Nothing special about this. The flowers looked nice.
Main lens, no "zoom", fairly close focus. I would not mind using this for a book cover. It would have to be waterproof ink on a durable paper.

[2022-10-04] I did not mention that the colours in this photo of the 'mums is very accurate to my eyes. I have really liked that aspect of all these recent flower pictures. I think gardeners who want to keep a record of their plants over the years would be quite happy with these. I have occasionally mentioned the higher models such as the recent Sony Xperia 5 iv. The reputation of these higher products are solid and one expects that they would do at least as well and perhaps better. Unfortunately, I have seen no real tests comparing them to these Xperia 10 models. For these particular flower pictures, I would be surprised if they could do that much better. They might have a sharpness edge, but the 10iii has been really good rendering the colours.


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Xperia 10 iii "Night Mode" Samples

These were taken using the "Night Mode" selected from the camera "Mode" menu rather than from the "info" menu. I do not know if that makes a difference. The phone was mounted on a tripod.

I took these photos at "1x" and "2x" zoom levels but I did not check immediately if I had used the "main" and "tele" cameras. When I moved them to my computer I realized that the "2x" image was just the "main" camera digitally zoomed. I do not know if it is possible to use the "tele" camera with "night mode".

From what I am seeing, it might not make a difference. This version of "night mode" seems to be limited to raising the ISO very high (ISO 12,800). The exposure time of 1/15 sec is disappointingly quick. The processing seems to be ordinary. Comparing the streetlights to the tree foliage, the contrast looks like what I see in typical dark scene photos.

I should try again to see if I can use the "tele" camera in "Night Mode", but since the results are not really impressive, I probably will not bother testing again in the near future.

"DSC_0002.JPG" [no "zoom"]
Size 2,009,865 bytes
Created Sep 30, 2022 21:32:42
Dimensions 4000 x 3000
Bit depth 24
Resolution unit 2
Color representation sRGB
Camera maker Sony
Camera model XQ-BT52
F-stop f/1.8
Exposure time 1/15 sec.
ISO speed ISO-12800
Exposure bias 0 step
Focal length 4 mm
Max aperture 1.69
Brightness -6.3
Light source D65
Exposure program Manual [sic]
White balance Auto
EXIF version 0231

uploaded as:

[2022-10-04] Objects of Interest: the light spot at around 403,120 is probably the moon the very small one at around 260,740 is probably a helicopter, and the one at around 1282,624 is an aircraft. I could see the latter one moving, so it was not very far -- possibly near the shore of Lake Ontario.

- Crop from 1400,2300

"DSC_0012.JPG" [zoom 2x]
Size 1,841,846 bytes
Created Sep 30, 2022 21:35:52
Dimensions 4000 x 3000
Bit depth 24
Resolution unit 2
Color representation sRGB
Camera maker Sony
Camera model XQ-BT52
F-stop f/1.8
Exposure time 1/15 sec.
ISO speed ISO-12800
Exposure bias 0 step
Focal length 4 mm
Max aperture 1.69
Brightness -6.3
Light source D65
Exposure program Manual [sic]
White balance Auto
EXIF version 0231

uploaded as:



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Night Mode Re-test

I decided to try the "Night Mode" again, and this time to directly compare it to a normal mode photo. I am much more impressed with the results, now that I have a more direct comparison.

The baseline picture is the "001" version and the "Night Mode" picture is the "010" version. Unfortunately, the compositions are not quite identical (the "normal" picture was aimed a bit more to the right than I intended, but the compositions are close enough that the stats are reasonably comparable.

The "Night Mode" caught a couple of "astro" objects. I think one was a star but I think the other was a satellite. I could have checked that using SkyView, but I did not think of that. "Night Mode" also brought up some sky color, a few clouds and low-level condensation over the lake.

Sadly, this camera, in general, lacks sharpness. I think the Xperia 5iv might be sharper, but I have seen no tests that confirm that.

For a detail crop I tried to include some trees. I know they are trees because I have walked under them. From the pictures, I think most people would recognize them as trees, but one certainly cannot identify individual leaves.

I tried "4x zoom" and it did not use the "tele" camera. It just digitally magnified the main camera 4x. I am not bothering to post the results.

I would be interested in finding out how much better a job the Xperia 5iv would do.

[2022-10-03 20:35

I can add that Night Mode has a considerable processing time penalty. I did not time it precisely but I think that each photo took about 5 sec. or more. So that would indicate that a lot was being done. I have heard "Night Mode" described for other phones as a composited image from a number of shots. It does seem likely that this sort of thing was being done on this phone.]

"DSC_0001 (1).JPG"
Normal mode picture
Size 4,240,724 bytes
Created Oct 2, 2022, 02:50:20
Dimensions 4000 x 3000
Bit depth 24
Resolution unit 2
Color representation sRGB
F0stop f/1.8
Exposure time 1/15 sec.
ISO speed ISO-12800
Exposure bias 0
Focal length 4 mm
Max aperture 1.69
Brightness -4.76
Light source D65
Exposure program normal
White balance Auto
EXIF version 0231

"DSC_0010 (1).JPG"
Night Mode picture
Size 1,918,412 bytes
Created Oct 2, 2022, 02:55:42
Dimensions 4000 x 3000
Bit depth 24
Resolution unit 2
Color representation sRGB
F-stop f/1.8
Exposure time 1/15 sec.
ISO speed ISO-12800
Exposure bias 0
Focal length 4 mm
Max aperture 1.69
Brightness -6.3
Light source D65
Exposure program Manual [sic]
White balance Auto
EXIF version 0231

[2022-10-04] Objects of Interest in DSC_0010 (1)-rsz1600.JPG
In order of apparent brightness, there are three main objects at 364,672, 676,202 and 468,115 (and another just below and to the left of this third one).

Detail Crop from 3420,2550


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Sony Xperia 10 iii (Android?) photo display issue:

I think this is a minor problem or just an irritation, but it is worth mentioning. When displaying photos that I have taken, there are cases where someone has decided to alter the display, interfering with my viewing. I do not know whether this is Sony or Android doing this, I just wish they would stop it. I have run across problems in two programs so far. The first I am mentioning is in the (Google) "Files" utility. I think this was a program I added to the Xperia from the PlayStore, and though it is a Google program I do not think it is officially part of Android. But it is a good example of this type of problem, so I am starting with it. Look at the image file I am uploading as:


When viewing my photo "horizontally" using the "Files" program, the top and the bottom of the display are darkened. On the other hand, just rotating the display to vertical, the darkening goes away:


It means that I cannot evaluate my photo using my hardware to its fullest. Either I use the reduced image (vertical) or I get this annoying darkening effect.

The second example I am uploading is created by the "Camera" app that comes with the phone. It is probably part of Android, but ported by Sony.


In this case, the display is only altered along the top, and it is a distinct level of darkening instead of a gradient. Either way, I do not want it. I just want to see my photo the way I composed it.

There may be other programs that are doing similar things. I just haven't gotten around to noticing them yet.

I hope they stop doing this.

[2022-10-22 20:17
I have found out that when pictures are viewed horizontally, if the display is shaded as noted above, then I can tap on the screen and the shading will go away. If I tap it again, then the shading comes back. I cannot think of any good reason to program the display to act like this.

[2022-10-12 15:55
I should note here that I have uploaded my main set of Autumn "Red" photography at:

"AUTUMN and WINTER and ICE and SNOW".]


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I installed the latest Android update today (2022-10-23) by 14:46.

update version 62.1.A.0.645 380.5MB
- it took about 15 min.
- no notations received

I still have some photos taken before the update. I will try to indicate which photos were taken after the update, however, you can basically assume that anything taken after I posted this message is under the new firmware.
This is one of my continuing "Night Mode" experiments. Remembering "The Great Excape" where James Garner talked about "red sky in morning, sailor take warning" I was thinking that my experience showed no particular problem with "red sky in mornings". This photo got a red sky, but actually I was wondering if I might catch a star along with the red sky. Answer was "no". At least I do not think it is possible. You need a lot of light to get a nice "red sky", and so it wipes out starts.

This is one of the very few pictures that did not need resizing to upload. It is straight out of camera:
[File data added 2022-11-09:
Dimensions 4000 x 3000
F-stop f/1.8
Exposure time 1/15 sec. (actually "Night Mode" which is merged multiple exposure)
ISO speed ISO-1237
Exposure bias 0 step
Focal length 4 mm
Max aperture 1.69
Metering mode Unknown
Brightness -3.94
Light source D65]


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Android 13 Update:

On Apr 5, 2023 at about 4:15 my Xperia 10 iii updated to Anroid 13 "62.2.A.0.428 release-keys". I have taken some pictures since then but I see no obvious differences. If I post pictures just before or just after the update I will try to identify the system version, but essentially you can assume that files made on or after Apr 5, 2023 are Android 13.

For the future, I am not expecting updates that will affect the Camera (still or video) capabilities. Sony's pattern has generally been to provide a "debug" update in the Fall. I am not expecting any update to an Android 14 or beyond.
First Posted Photos Using Android 13:

Most of these are fairly straight forward tests of reproduction characteristics of the "Normal" and "HDR" settings for the still camera. The main exception is "0048aa" which was actually a frame capture from a video. That was an accident. I thought I was taking stills. However, it is a valid test of the "Normal" image since, as far as I know, it is the same as the "stills" image setting, with the possible exception of the dynamic range which caused a slight difference in the high end of the exposure gamma. Image "0035a" is a picture of a small waterfall. Motion is frozen showing the details of the various water droplets. HDR is on Auto which is typical for me using this phone, so I do not really know the HDR setting.

I have not compared these with earlier tests closely, but in general the pictures look about the same as Android 12 before this latest upgrade.







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Toronto, Spring 2023

On Apr 28, 2023 I posted a set of pictures from my Xperia 10 iii using the Android 13 firmware. All pictures in this set are using "Auto HDR" with no adjustments to exposure (or colors).

I have been thinking back on the output from this phone/camera, and it is possible that there has been some minor adjusting to the exposure control, possibly from Android 11 to Android 12. I did not really pay much attention to this phone's cameras in the first year after I bought it, so it hard for me to say, but if you look at the earliest sets you can see that I had to reduce the exposure sometimes, whereas my later pictues tended to be "dark". But then again, my use of the cameras early on was so rare that it could have been just random chance.

I can also say that later, I have had better luck with the video stabilization. Now that could be a change in the firmware, or possibly the stabilization adapting somewhat to me, or maybe I'm just getting better using it. I'm not sure.

Click Here: ""Toronto, Spring 2023""
This morning (Jun 1, 2023) my Xperia 10 iii updated to its latest version of Android 13, build number "62.2.A.0.481". It is probably just a security/bug-fix update, so I am not expecting any changes to the camera support. I have some video and stills that I have not posted, so if there has been a change it might be a while before it shows up in my posts, but again, I am not expecting any changes, so I will not be in a hurry to try it out.
Sony Xperia 10 iii, Android 13 Suggestion:

I don't make suggestions often. I try to boil them down to the minimum -- one. This does not mean that I am unaware of other issues, but rather, since I have made the effort to point out what I feel are the most important ones and the best way I can find to address them, I think manufacturers will understand that these are particularly important to me, and treat them that way. I'm probably wrong about that.

For the the Xperia 10 iii, the one suggestion I make for Sony to address is the fingerprint sensor. It currently records only two prints. I would like Sony to allow three fingerprints to be stored, and to work on the interface to make it easier to manage them.
Another Android 13 System Update

This one came as a surprise. I started the update at about 18:23 but I have no idea when it became available. It seemed to be a fairly lengthy update (possibly 20 - 30 min.), which could mean it is more than just a few minor bug-fixes. Lack of changes to the camera performance in the updates for the last year give me reason to expect a lack of changes for photography, but we'll see. . . .

Xperia system update 62.2.A.0.533" installed Sep 26, 2023, 18:50
5.12.2 Installed Sept 23, 2023 04:19

News Suite Installed Mar 30, 2023, 20:34
I am still working on calculations, but feel free to do the calculations and comparisons for yourself. I am mainly doing this to test the current output of the normal and tele lens cameras on the Sony Xperia 10iii, but I included some tests of the Nikon 1 S2 as well. The control was my Sony alpha 6400 with a Sigma 28mm f2.8 lens.

N1S2_0579a-Rsz1600-C1.JPG blue petal weed
N1S2_0589a-Rsz1600-C1.JPG test chart (still noisy)
N1S2_0589bCrop1600.JPG test chart (extremely noisy)
Sa64k-1247a-rsz1600-C1.JPG Sa6400 w/Sigma lens, horizon, cityscape
Sa64k-1247b-Crop1600-C1.JPG Sa6400 w/Sigma 30mm F2.8 detail crop
Sa64k-1251a-rsz1600-C1.JPG Datacolor test chart
SX10_0158a-TeleRsz1600-C2.JPG dried grasses
SX10_0164a-TeleRsz1600-C3.JPG Exp -1 step, blue petal weed
SX10_0168a-NormCrop.JPG (size 1350 x 720 C1) very little noise
SX10_0168a-NormRsz1600.JPG Colour Chart main (normal) camera
SX10_0171a-TeleRsz1600.JPG Tele camera
SX10_0171b-TeleCrop.JPG (size 1460 x 870)

[added 2023-10-05 00:41]

The Xperia "tele" camera seems to be warmer and more saturated than the main camera. They are both well within range of "acceptable" for me. The old Nikon 1 series surprised me being very noisy. Compared to the newer Sony products in this test it is quite bad. The sensor was probably made by Sony, so it might be some indication of how the tech has improved. I guess that is what we might call "progress". Oddly, I do still enjoy using it, as long as the output is non-critical. :)

[Added 2023-10-07 15:56]


I noticed that on the Nikon 1 S2, I had changed my ISO to its maximum (12800, lowest is 200, and there are settable ranges like A6400 which varies from ISO 200 - 6400), which probably was the cause for the noise. Also, I did not use noise reduction, but that is what I normally do with most of my cameras. But the high ISO was probably why my recent tests were so noisy. It can be assumed that this camera will perform closely to my Xperia 10iii phone camera, unless I post something later to the contrary.


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  • SX10_0171a-TeleRsz1600-C1.JPG
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  • N1S2_0579a-Rsz1600-C1.JPG
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  • SX10_0171b-TeleCrop-C1.JPG
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