HDR-play plus b&w conversion of Mia's pic (my cat)


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Feb 1, 2004
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This is a "cheater's" HDR, made from 7 different RAW exposure values, later converted to b&w via Channel Mixer ... with the tone mapping settings on stronger than I would normally go, just for the fun of it.

Since tonight I'm having a nasty headache, this photo is actually TOO much for me as it is, I go all :drunk: over it... ;)
interesting! but to me it does not look very hdr but more like something you could achieve with some "normal" image where you do intense sharpening (local contrast) -... but cat'S hair is difficult anyway!
I suppose you are right, but I felt like playing with it ... see? It's not THE perfect example for dynamics that cannot be captured by one exposure alone, anyway, as the all un-edited original shows:


But I wanted to play... ;)
I can appreciate the HDR in this image, while it may look like typical sharpening and contrast work the image remains crisp and has wide and detailed tonal range.

I still think the best HDR's require exposure bracketing, just the physic of it all.

-Shea :mrgreen:

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