Headed to a "Mexico’s Ancient & Colonial Cities" Tour!


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Feb 2, 2009
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Garden Grove, CA
I'm headed to Mexico City in 3 weeks and am preparing what to bring or purchase for taking photos down there.

We're gonna be seeing cathedrals, murals, ancient pyramids, beaches, ruins, etc.

I was thinking of stuff to rent or buy before I leave.

Here's some info on the trip:
Mexico Ancient Civilizations & Mayan Ruins - All-Inclusive Vacations

But I was thinking of getting a nice wide angle lens for a lot of these shots. Is there a filter I would need?

I was in the market for an off camera flash but I don't think I'm gonna need it for the trip ... ? So I think I'm gonna have to wait til be come back from the trip to buy my SB600.
I can't wait to see the images you bring back. I've always wanted to go there. It's almost 2012 you know. lol

I live in Oaxaca and these are a few thoughts.

You definitely want a wide-angle lens and I would want a 200mm or 300mm to get shots of some of the details of large pyramids and so forth. You won't see a lot of wildlife but I have seen cioatimundi around Veracruz and in the Yucatan. I carry a small beanbag for stablizing. In churches, I can put it on the back of the pew in front of me and set the camera on it.

Take what you will need. You won't have the opportunity to zip over to a store and get a new battery and so forth. If you do find something you need it will probably be significantly more expensive than in the U.S.

We do have a lot of internet cafes where you can put your shots on CDs and most photo stores will do it for you.

Non-photo suggestions. The sun is intense so wear a hat and use sunscreen. I always carry a small daypack for water and other items. Actually, it's where I carry my lenses and accessories, too. I wear the all-terrain sneakers which are lightweight and give me good support.

I thoroughly enjoy taking photos in Mexico. The people are generally quite gracious and helpful and there always seems to be something to shoot.

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