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Heartbroken Goodbye Miss Gabby


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Yesterday we lost our dear friend and my faithful sidekick Miss Gabby. She passed away at home with us all at her side. This morning I so missed the sound of her dancing feet.

Rest well my baby girl.

She loved to root in the snow, it was one of her favourite things.

You have a wonderful heart. Sorry for your loss. Our pets are family, and their loss is tough. Later Ed
Thank you Ed, they definitely are family.
I know that feeling all too well so about all I can say is that I feel your pain. The pain fades over time, it never goes away but it fades, and the memories become clearer. Hang in there, it gets better.
My condolences. It's not easy losing a piece of your heart. She was a beauty.
Thank you Scott and Leighthal.
She had 15 wonderful years with us, a good long life for a big dog <3
I know how it is Judi. One of the hardest things to let go. My thoughts go out to you.
She's beautiful. It's so hard on us when we loose are beloved pets. Time heals but the memory's and laughter that they gave us remains with us for ever....Bless your little heart beautiful lady.
Our pets are the family we choose. Losing them can be indescribable. I'm sorry you are going through that.
No words can ever describe the true feelings of losing a beloved pet.
So sorry for your family's loss.
I am sorry to hear that, Judi! She was a beautiful girl!

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