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To be honest, I hope:

A) She's a real person
B) This was a real situation
C) She uses this as an opportunity to learn
D) She comes back and participates

Photography is falling off way too quickly. The craft needs interested people.
I agree. Most likely she was a real person. But she may never come back.
A homograph is a different thing. Untied and united are neither spelled the same, nor do they sound the same. It's simply a typo that happens to spell a different word. It's common for people to accidentally invert two letters when typing, like when they accidentally type teh instead of the. That example is easy to see as a typo. It's harder sometimes to catch it when the accidental inversion creates another legitimate word, like the untied/united example, or something like form/from.

The difference between other examples, like confusing accepted with excepted is called a malapropism - using the wrong word because it sounds or looks similar to the correct word for that context.
Well, I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy... :highly_amused:
Does ai just scan the Internet, create accounts, and post all on their own? Or is someone creating the account? I'm so confused.

This is how they are tricking the world with this AI stuff. You get what is called the AI processor in my camera, which it isn't an AI processor, they simply programmed it using AI instead of humans running the simulations. There is no AI in my camera, it is simply an AF system that is programmed using AI. You also have the AI which selects masks in LR which is the same thing, they used AI to program the detection algorithms instead of humans. AI can learn eighty million times quicker than a human. These are great tools and the positive side of AI's capabilities. People see this as AI and look no further, but this AI in it's simplest form, it's just a computer program executed by a person which has a type of AI incorporated to do the complex thinking.

Talking about the spelling mistakes. Now as these AI bots learn from interacting with people, they also know that in order to blend in they need to do things like misspell occasionally, don't use correct grammar etc, people are underestimating this technology. It is literally light years ahead of our intelligence, as I've said to the point of us being obsolete in the digital realm.

This AI bot here was too simple, I reckon it's just some programmer dude creating a pretty simple one then seeing what it can do on a photography site. Some are controlled by humans, but the scariest stuff is the completely self reliant entity, because much like a human, it's experiences and exposures will determine what it does and how it acts in life. I just hope that we have good guys to fight the bad guys, otherwise things aren't looking good. I think the government will just end up outlawing the start up algorithms so that people are not allowed to create something unless it aligns with the 'official' data, they'll definitely have things in place to make sure that good doesn't win this battle.

I recommend you do some thorough research into the whole AI thing, Paige and certainly others here. It is really interesting and mind blowing to say the least. There's an Israeli professor who also works for the World Economic Forum named Yuval Noah Harari, checking him out would be a great starting point. 🙂
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