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Apr 19, 2009
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erie, PA
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I wanted to introduce myself and say HI to all of you picture gurus on here! lol My name is Jeff Duke and I'm not completely new to photography, but I am new to SLR photography. I just got my Nikon D40 with an 18-55mm lens & a 55mm-200mm lens about a month or so ago. I find it way better than "point & shoot" cameras but I'm not entirely sure on proper settings for it. I try to get some time to read about it but my week is pretty busy. Between my job and trying to run a household I don't get much time. My girlfriend is pregnant so that takes alot of my time but he's going to be born on July 13th so I'll have time soon! YES I know it'll be July 13th because it's a planned C-section delivery. I'm excited to say hello to my 1st child and share with him my hobbies/beliefs. I'll be sure to post pics of him when I can. lol Does anyone know if you are allowed cameras in the delivery room so I definitely get his 1st picture besides sonograms? Either way, he's going to be a much photographed little boy!! I have already purchased many items for his arrival...Now I need a bigger place to live! lol Any comments or questions feel free to talk to me, I'm reasonably easy to get along with as long as I'm not done wrong. TTYL, Jeff
congratulations on the up&coming new member of your household~
welcome to TPF~I'm a newbie too so as they say in japanese: "please take care of me~"
Hi there Jeff, and welcome!

I taped my nephew's birth many years ago, so my guess would be that yes, cameras are allowed in the delivery room. You can check that with the doctors beforehand though

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