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Dec 23, 2015
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Hi. Looking for a venue to talk about all things photo and seems like this may be the place. A little about me, I am a photographer of about 10 years. I started out in digital with Canon and Pentax gear, then did a stint with old 35mm film cameras. From that I fell in love with old manual lenses and then got back into digital by adapting those old lenses to my Canon DSLR's. When the mirrorless revolution picked up steam I tried out a NEX 7 and after discovering what a joy it was to use old lenses with that camera I sold all my Canon gear and haven't looked back. I now shoot with the a7 and all my old legacy glass.

For photography inspiration I am blown away by the works of early pictorialists, such as The Flatiron by Edward Steichen. Other inspirations come from Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Fan Ho and of especially The Solitude of Ravens, by Masahisa Fukase. This last especially is a powerful body of art and I hope at times I can capture some small glimmering of it in my work. And though I sometimes feel he is cited to much I do quite admire the works of Bresson. On the other hand, I cant stand Ansel Adams and I am completely amazed how such dry and dull work ever pushed him to such heights. Just my opinion. :)

Anyway, that's about it for me. If anyone would like to view a few examples of my work you may find them here.

widdershins Photos - 500px

Thanks, and I look forward to all the discussions to come.

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