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Dec 4, 2011
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United Arab Emirates
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Hello everyone!

I am Waheed Akhtar from Dubai (UAE). I started photography in 2013 and doing it with the same passion until now.

I created this TPF account I think in 2011 when I wanted to start learning about photography but seems got disconnected from this for some reason. Today while going through my JUNK folder, I found a newsletter from TPF (I must have subscribed to it but usually I delete my JUNK folder without giving much attention to any email) .. I got on TFP forum by clicking on some link in the newsletter and thought to signup to the website. While putting my email, it showed me that my email already exists. So I recovered my password and here I got into TPF again after 7 years. Long time I know :)

Anyhows I will definitely give it some time to go through rules and regulations and how I can contribute and learn from this awesome community.

Till then have a great day everyone.


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