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Feb 4, 2005
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Planet Carolyn..Cool place....you should visit!
Hi there my pretties!!! :hug::It's been a long time and I've missed you! What an eventful year last year was.......things are just beginning to get back to some sort of normalcy......well about as normal as things get around here. I hope you are all doing well.......how many new babies???? Romances??? Marriages??? Divorces??? I know I missed a lot. :hugs:
good to hear from you again!

As for all those question marks ... we cannot tell you all the dirty secrets, can we?
OMG!!!!!! It's Photogal!!!

Awesome indeed to see you back posting! Happy New Year to you and your family, and I hope you are able to post some more this year! :hug:: :hugs:
I have no idea who u are but YO! And...

I had 1 marriage, my sister is expecting 1 baby any day now (she's a week late), i got adegree, went on my firsst flight, i live in England but im currently in America...AND...I have coffee...

Hello! I dont know you either, but its nice to see you back. I'm a new face here, but unfortunately for you guys... I dont think I'm going anywhere any time soon ;)

well I married then divorced then re-married then divorced then married again then again divorced and married one last time. Or was that bought a lens then traded one in for another lens then got rid of another lens for a bigger lens? ummmm can't remember
You're forgetting about the night when you left me one of your 'special present' as you call it, when I was asleep.
Carolyn!!! :sun:

So happy to see you checking in. :hug:: Hope all is well on your end. :heart:

Happy New Year to you and yours!
Well Hello! Don't know if you remember me, I was gone a while too will some illness. Some say, ya, he's just sick in the head. But anyway, welcome back! Don't be such a stranger, although it's OK to just be strange. But we all knew that.
Happy New Year, Caroline, me gal!
Good to have you back.
Good to hear things are on the up and up.
No divorce here.
No new pregnancy either (thanks to God)
No grandchild on the way (many many more thanks to God)
Not even any girlfriend on the son's side or boy-friend on the daughter's side.
Sorry to be presenting you only such a boring, boring life of mine.......!
Or is it good that everything is so boring? Maybe it is GOOD!
Great to hear from you Carolyn! :hug::

I hope this year turns out good for you.. with all that positivity you got, im sure you'll make it happen! :D

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