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Hello from Boston!


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May 27, 2014
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Pembroke, MA
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Technically I am about an hour south of Boston in Pembroke, MA... to be precise. :wink:

Anyway, my name is Mark and I can't wait to jump in and get involved on the site. I have always loved taking pictures, one of the many things I inherited from my Dad, but it is only recently that I began to think about it more seriously. While the passion was there I was always an auto mode guy with a point and shoot camera. After 13 years of teaching elementary school I became an at-home Dad last June when my daughter was born. There was that instant hope that I would be able to take better, higher quality family photos as she grew up. There was also the side hope that if I got good enough it might even help supply a tiny bit of income down the road. I went out and purchased my first DSLR camera... the Canon Rebel T3i. What I did not realize was just how demanding this Dad gig would be in year one, physically and emotionally! :shock: I feel like I am only starting to really play with the camera now. I had the 18-55mm kit lens with the camera and added a 55-250mm f/4-5.6 telephoto lens a little over a month ago.

I plan to take a starter class soon to get myself out of auto mode. I look forward to being able to produce better quality photos with my camera. Aside from building volumes of great family photos, a long term goal would be getting into wildlife photography. I come from a line of hunters but had no desire to hunt animals myself. The idea of tracking them and locating them for great photos is very appealing, though. Basically hunt the way my grandfather did but replace the rifle with a camera.

A short term goal? To enter a few photos in a couple local art festivals later this summer. With only about 6 weeks before I would need to prepare any entry I will likely only have my favorite auto mode photos with only Picasa editing to choose from. So, the odds of being chosen for display by the judges are slim. But what harm can it do to enter? If all else fails, I still have a photo I really like to hang on my wall at home... right? I am hopeful the photo critique threads will help me in this selection process.

Anyway, that is my story on ending up here. I know I will have lots of questions but hopefully I can offer my share of helpful advice and observations, too. Thanks, and I will see you around!

PS - I am also a children's writer and continue to work hard at that while I am home with our baby.
Welcome aboard Mark.

You are going to have to get yourself set up with something like this...

SharpShooter Camera Rifle Stock pg2

Well, not really....I just think it's a cool mix of hunting & photography. :D
Welcome Mark, you will learn a lot on this site. Good for you having made yourself a goal with a date.
I met my husband in Pembroke! I am down at the Cape Cod Canal for the summer and there are several others on here that
are in your area too.
Welcome, Mark!

As for your first public showing; select your best three images and post them here for evaluation. (C&C in our newly-hatched jargon thread)
Welcome aboard Mark...
Welcome to the site.

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