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Aug 5, 2015
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Louisville, KY
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Hello all;

I've been lurking around the forum for a while gathering bit and pieces of info and I decided to join up this past August. I mostly read and never post but I wanted to say hi and that I'm now back following my passion! My first DSLR was a rebel T2i with the 18-55 kit lens and I later added a 50mm 1.8 II to get a feel for fixed focus and see how it worked for portraits. I ended up selling my rebel and the two lenses with the intention of buying something more mid-line, but I ended up spending the money on my Jeep..LOL. I truly missed my camera as I'd been without it for about a year. This pass year, I finally came up with the funds to get back into the hobby and get a new starter setup. I decided I wasn't going buy a DSLR and continuously upgrade little by little wishing I'd bought what I wanted to begin with, I decided to buy what I wanted and could afford out of the gate and I've been happy with my selection thus far. I ended up buying a Canon 5DS R for my body selection and for my first lens I decided on the canon 24-70mm F2.8L II. Buying both new set me way back, but I was thinking it would be a good foundation to build on. This lens is taking a lot of getting use to for me with not having the image stabilization and more of my pics are blurry than not, but I'm learning and getting use to it with the help of some great tips here. I'm putting the money aside and plan on buying the 85mm F/1.2L but I'm still about 4 months away from that purchase. Please keep posting all the great info, it's truly appreciated.
Welcome to the forum and congrats on that fabulous camera! I hope you post photos soon. Louisville is a lovely city and KY is a beautiful state. I can't wait to see what you post.
Welcome! I am still a novice too don't even own my own camera yet :cupcake:

This was really helpful in terms of what I should do if I want to make the leap and purchase a DSLR.

Do you notice any difference between the rebel and 5DS R?
Thank you all for the welcome, I'm not one to advise anyone on what to purchase or which route to go, but for me not having any equipment at all it made more sense to purchase what I wanted and add new lenses as I could afford them. As for the difference between my old rebel T2i and a 5DS R it is night and day, but you're talking $750.00 for a T2i when i bought it compared to $3900.00 for the one I have now, not counting the lens. If you never owned or used a DSLR then you may want to find a friend, or someone who has one that you can try out to make sure you like that style of photography before investing. Even entry levels cameras can cost upwards to a $1000.00 or more and is a hefty investment for something you may not like. This is just my opinion.

Have a great Day!

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