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hello! im new here... i have no idea what im doing on here!


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Oct 9, 2010
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hey everyone, my name is Sian, i'm 18, from England, and im a amateur photographer :er:

this is my flickr account: Flickr: LadyNais__
nothing much on it at the moment, but as i get my models, i will fill it up!
i also have a tumblr page
Sian's Photography (my photography page
and my personal
Do You W?nt The Truth, Or Something B??utiful?

introduction to me.
i have a massive passion for photography, and music. I have loved taking photos since i was little, and wherever I went always had my disposable camera with me! Now, I take photos with a Samsung ES63, with 12.2 megapixels, but in a few months i am getting a Panasonic Lumix G2 :D

i am new to this place, and would love some older members, new ones, anyone, just to say hello, give me some tips etc. make some new friends!

Welcome! A lot of members here aren't keen on links, so your best bet will be to post 3-4 images in the thread (If you're unsure of how to do this, see the pinned thread at the top of the page) and ask for "C&C" (Comment and critique).

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