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Jan 28, 2012
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Arlington, VA
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Hello All:

I think a forum like this is awesome. I just got my camera in November 2011. I didn't know very much about photography but I have come to admire and adore it. I have a blog www.artbyqj.com and I use it to share with people my journey through developing what has become my newest passion. I look forward to sharing with you all and make some new friends. Comments & critique are very welcomed. Also feel free to follow me on twitter @artbyqj

PS. I tried to upload a photo but I couldn't figure it out. Is there a maximum size?
All the buildings as subjects in your photos are over-exposed.
You're doing long exposures for the fill, but doing so over exposes the subjects because they're being lit by flood light.

I'd recommend 2 shots, and merge them.
MK3Brent - Thanks. I am still trying to figure out all of the nobs and dials on the camera. I think I may start going out once a week and only use one setting to get a better feel for them. Merging would require the use of a photo editing program? any suggestions I have been debating between photoshop elements, lightroom or apples aperture.

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