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Aug 19, 2003
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Peoria, Illinois
I'm not a photographer like most of you here, but a musician who needs
your advice. I'm building a mini-version of a 60's-era light show to use
as part of my band/solo performances. I want to incorporate 35mm
slide images into this project but I'm having trouble finding a good source
for slides. I have a Kodak Ektagraphic III-E, which should be fine for a
basic projector, so now I need slides to enhance the impact of certain songs. I realize everything is going to digital ( Powerpoint, etc. ) but I
can't afford that route, so I need the "older-style" slides.
Are there any companies or individuals who have categorized galleries
of 35mm slides for sale? ( ie: 60's/70's images, space photos, unusual
"scenics", historical events or personalities, etc.)
If anyone has any advice, please let me know and Many Thanks!

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