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Dec 29, 2015
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i'm new and i would like to know what you think i could do better with my photos
my first serious photo shoot
Welcome to tpf.

Personally I like these photos. I think maybe the first one might benefit from a little less free space on the right and the second might benefit a little if the plant on the right was not there, but they are vibrant, well exposed and the model is easy on the eye.
Thanks for your opinion
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Like em both.

Well yeah the first one is a bit unusual in its framing, but I would file that under artistic freedom.

Agree about the plant, but its drowning in blurr anyway, so thats a minor issue at best.
Like em both.

Well yeah the first one is a bit unusual in its framing, but I would file that under artistic freedom.

Agree about the plant, but its drowning in blurr anyway, so thats a minor issue at best.
Thank you so much for detailed response:1247:
They are good shots. I personally don't like the circular blur that's in the second photo, I prefer to see accurate depth of field. As has been said, the plant is a little distracting, but not all that bad. Nicely done overall!
Overall, great shots.

In the second one with all the softness and blur, I think the lighting could be softer as well.
Like both shots but on the first would prefer the main subject to the right side if she is not centered.
I would zoom in quite a bit on the second as all the interest for me is the model
I agree with all the past comments.
A crop on the first one
The second would be better without the plants and also more zoomed into the model. Some catchlight in the eyes would have been nice.
Since its more fashion oriented, I would also remove her dark or puffy eyes on the second image and would soften her expression ''wrinkle'' (I don't know how to call it) near her mouth.
Welcome to TPF. Post often and participate a lot and you'll get a lot of value from this site. Cauzimme is a superb example of someone who has been very willing to post photos of her work, has learned a lot, and has just rocketed up as a photographer--is generating some really lovely stuff that is significantly better than her original work in terms of lighting, posing, and composition.

Here's my input:

#1: Lovely model, love the dress, love the lighting. The detail in white in the background--I find it a little distracting. The beige pillows on the loveseat...distracting to me, they add no value (either as a form or as a color). The pose is nice. I wish her elbow wasn't cut off--you'd have a triangle there with her arm otherwise (a nice compositional element). Keep in mind, you've got a couple of really beautiful colors going on in this photo: her hair, her skin, the dress. So you can either throw other stuff in that distracts or does nothing...or you can eliminate it. B/c of the really strong colors (dress, model's skin and hair) I think your best bet is to shoot with the focus on those. As for cropping and positioning of the subject, I tend to agree that I'd crop some of the space out on the right. I'm a fan of negative space but with the detailing on the wall, it really isn't negative space.

#2: I feel this has the "potential" to be a better shot than #1 but there are some elements that knock it down a bit. Again, lovely model, smashing dress (in color, size, and texture). But look at her skin comparing the two photos. In #1, she's tan, it's a softer light. In #2, it's much harsher. I'm guessing the light source is higher and to the right of the model (which accentuates the shadows under her eyes--thus Cauzimme's comment). The light simply isn't as flattering. The greens to the upper right--they're a big distraction to me and I'd lose them. The model's left arm...you've cut off her hands (which ruins the flow of that line). She also looks/feels like that left hand of her's is clenched in a fist (which adds some tension to the shot and more importantly, also limits the flow or line).

I think these are both lovely shots of a lovely model. With her build/frame, her long straight flowing hair, you should be looking for poses and compositions where she creates these long flowing lines that make her look 6'4". Think of her as a ballerina or figure skater--think of how they use their feet (point toes) and hands (no clenched fists, fingers out creating optical illusions that extend the body and the line flowing from the body and appendages). With this space, this dress, and this model, you've got the potential to create some truly stunning images. Manage your light better (so it's softer and more complimentary of the model). Watch the poses (don't think of "I want a cute girl image" but think of compositions and flowing lines). Think of overall composition (and how you use your space around the model, the objects and colors that work with or detract from the primary colors of your focus point). There are some really lovely possibilities here. Thanks for sharing.
:586:I am grateful to you for such reasoned opinions! Thanks to you - I noticed some things that had not noticed before . I will try with more force and show you new photos:angel:
  • :angel:I have some more from this set

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