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May 1, 2009
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Hey, how's everybody doing? My name is Deven. I have been a hobbyist photographer for ruoghly 4 years or so now. Nothing professional (yet). I primarily take nature pictures as well as pictures for bands at their concerts. At the moment I do not have a camera. I used to have a horrible (and damn near embarrassing) Kodak Easyshare 2MP compact camera. I have taken courses on photography, though, with a Canon 7.0 MP compact camera (I forget the model) as well as done work with a Canon Powershot and a Canon Digital Rebel Xti.

I am currently a student studying music theory. I play guitar, drums, voice, and am learning piano soon. I will listen to just about anything that I feel took hard work and talent to write. From Classical compositions to Melodic Deathcore.

I am also currently saving up to buy a Canon Digital Rebel Xsi with the 18-55 MM zoom and an Image Stabilizer lens, a 70-300 MM Zoom lens and a 50 MM Macro lens.

Any questions? :lol:
Great stuff....im new as well here .Love photography !hope to get some good advise on my projects .

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