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Jul 11, 2013
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Hello from Indiana. Cant really call myself a photographer yet I'm a true beginner. I have a some experience in other forms of visual arts painting, drawing, even some sculpting, and had been thinking of getting into digital photography for some years as the results have always impressed me in galleries. So seeing one in a goodwill case half off I bought a cannon powershot 160 and have been having fun experimenting with it and reading books on the subject. Its not really an artists camera I'm beginning in to realize as its features are mostly geared for auto mode-shooting, but if I continue to enjoy learning Ill probably upgrade eventually. I think my photos will be largely of landscapes and wildlife those are what I like as I'm a die-hard creek fisherman and know the woods areas in my state very well. very near my house is a park that has several brown-bat roosts 'an animal endangered and rare everywhere but here and with some patience I think some interesting shots could be caught of them we also have some old train bridges in my town.
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Welcome to TPF, Cerbios! From what you have described, you have a lot of great places to photograph in your area. No reason not to get out there with your camera and practice, even if it is a "point and shoot". Think about composition and style - this camera will let you do that. When you are ready to take command of your exposures, that's the time to think about an upgrade.

Be sure to post your work in the Galleries here for feedback and advice. Happy shooting! :)

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