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HELP - Fuji "Error"


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Oct 10, 2010
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I have a Fuji Fine Pix S2 Pro, and just started getting an error. The camera was working fine, then it started randomly seemed to kind of lag when I'd go to take a photo, then saying "ERR". NOW, every single time I try to snap a photo, it says error, and the screen goes blank (where it would normally show the preview), and the screen on the top by the shutter displays "Err". It's not working at all now.

What could this be? I swapped out memory cards, emptied/formated them, I changed the double AA batteries, as well as the CR 123's, those are all brand new. I also checked all other things like making sure lens was on properly, battery/memory card in all the way, took lens off/back on, powered off then back on, etc. and nothing worked.

Why would it work fine, then randomly do an error, then refuse to work at all?

I could really use some help, I don't live in an area where ANYONE knows cameras. Thank you.

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