Help! How do I time/date (capture date) back of printed images?


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Jul 24, 2017
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Hello! I have been trying to figure this out for days. My goal is to print images of our baby with the time/date of capture on the back of the print. I have downloaded a plug in (LR/mogrify2) to allow me to time/date the front of the image. This is less than ideal for me as the date print can cover the image.
Then I found this article from cannon explaining DPOF. it states, "f you order prints from a digital photo finishing lab that accepts the DPOF format, the date can be printed with the images based on the information saved on the memory card." FYI, I use lightroom to edit photos before printing.

Direct link to article: Canon Knowledge Base - How to add date and time to images shot with the EOS Rebel T3/T3i.

Now I am trying to find a place to print, as recommended by the article. Ive called costco and mixbook to ask and they both said they do not support DPOF. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to print images of quality that also support DPOF?

Thanks so much!!

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