Help!!! Lightroom is failing me!


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Apr 4, 2014
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Ok so I'm using custom presets in Lightroom CC and this (below) keeps happening. I get a gray "shadow" of sorts in certain places within the image. This only seems to happen when I use a custom preset. However I hadn't changed the settings of the preset for several (10+) pictures and none of them have this issue. If I "reset" the custom preset it will no longer cause this problem to happen but it's really worrying that I may miss this in a final edit! The gray stays there after export as well it's not just in LR.


Any idea what is going on?
Can you rebuild the preset or try each adjustment to see if you can pinpoint which is causing the issue?

Yup just tried it and cannot narrow it down to any particular setting. This has happened before as well, with completely different settings/presets.
This is the kind of thing that gets answered best on the Adobe forums.
Can you open the preset with a text editor and post the text here?
This could be completely off base, but if it only happens with certain presets, then I would check the "HSL" section under the "Develop" tab and look at the saturation settings for just the Red and Magenta settings. I couldn't exactly recreate it with my own pictures, but it looks like possibly the orange saturation is getting pushed up and the red saturation is getting pushed down... Might be some of the other colors as well though. Or I could be completely wrong. I'd check that first though. Good luck to you.
I've seen this before and it had to do with the CA adjustments.

"This only seems to happen when I use a custom preset."

What's your setting look like for your Chromatic Aberration on this preset?

I was just about to suggest the same thing as elementgs. Fgom those settings your preset is turning up yhe CA adjustment to the max which can end up desaturating parts of your image you dont want to. Personslly I'd adjust CA for each image, not have it included in a preset at all.
I believe it is a CA issue as well. When I shoot photo with my 85mm f/1.8 at wider aperture and need to correct the CA in Lightroom, sometimes it end up with gray border especially at the area where it is slightly out of focus (wider gray border).

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