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May 31, 2003
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K....I'm a seinor in high school and I'm really into photography. And Im really really into high speed photography. I need help finding or making a sound trigger device. If you dont know what Im talking about than you'd probably not have any idea how to find them but i'll explain it anyway (its just so cool!) You've got some event thats gonna make a sharp noise, somting breaking is good. The sound triger picks up the sound and trigers a strobe light to go off. The hard part is getting somthing to make the strobe go off. You can make one (if your a friggn geinius) with parts from Radioshack. I found a web site that sold them almost compleatly assembled. The only problem with them (i bought 2) is that they are set up to use a 9 volt battery. I need to power a 150v strobe light. If I were too just replace the 9v connector with say....a wall socket would blow out the parts in the sound triger. So my question.............WHERE/ HOW DO I FIND A SOUND TRIGER (PRE ASSEBLED) THAT DOSNT COST 500$? And if there are any suggestions on good strobe lights.
I assume the units you have are powered from a 9v battery but there is some kind of switched output.
If you're lucky, the output is what is called a "dry contact" meaning a mechanical switch but if not it's probably a semiconductor of some description.
It could also be an output of 9v.
If it's a dry contact you simply break the power line to the strobe through the contact (check the contact rating first to ensure you don't exceed either the current or voltage) and you're there.
If it's a semiconductor (FET, Triac, SCR or whatever) or a 9v output then you need to add a relay. You then run the strobe line through the relay contact.
Hope this helps but if you need more let me know.

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