Help please...lens won't focus.


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Jun 15, 2011
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Farmington Hills, MI
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I was bored tonight and decided to play around with some water drops...put my 55-200 mm lens on and put my camera on the tripod. I turned on the camera and my lens won't focus. My 18-55 mm lens will focus just fine. I toggled the AF/MF switch a few times and wiped off the contacts with the same kind of cloth that I use to clean my lens (suggestions that I read online for ways to fix this issue). Still isn't working. I think my lens is still within warranty - I just purchased it in June. But I would prefer to get this fixed tonight if there's some way I can fix it myself. If not, any input on how you go about doing a warranty claim and your experience with doing them would be great. Any suggestions?! Thanks!

ETA: It worked just fine when I was taking some photos of deer in my back yard just a couple nights ago and I haven't used it since. It's just been in my bag.
Cleaned the contacts again with a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a qtip and it works fine now.
I was gettin ready to take you to school.

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