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Feb 4, 2012
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ok guys, it seems that i'm in a rut with photo taking and editing. if anyone could help it would be great!

so here is my photo right out of the camera...

kiss : nel photography (i'm talking about the last photo of the couple against the brick wall. the other ones are edited. although i could use advice on everything)

it's alright, but it doesn't pop to me. something is missing. i would like to add subtle effects to add to the quality but i don't like fake looking photos. i currently use photoshop and totally rad actions. i guess i'm missing the "totally rad" part. lol

here is the photography style i really enjoy...

sergio mottola blog . tacoma and seattle wedding and portrait photography »

his work has beautiful effects, but it is subtle. it almost has a film camera quality, and the photo has a "smooth" appearance. ( can't really describe it.) . i've tried literally every method i could think of and nothing is making my photos look really good.
so does his work look like it's edited to make that quality?, or is he just taking amazing photos. i'm sure it's the latter, and i just need to work on my photo taking, but without any real guidance, i feel pretty lost.

oh, and please please don't post on here just to make snide comments. i'm not looking for the "easy way" to take photos, i'm truly looking to improve my work. so please comment if you have helpful suggestions. i have noticed that some people like to comment simply to be demeaning to the poster. that's not constructive at all. if you feel the need to make mocking comments, that's fine but it's not helping any of us. ; ) OH, FEEL FREE TO EDIT THE PHOTO IF YOU WOULD LIKE! any help is good help!
oh ok, i don't really know how to post the photo itself. i would certainly do that! thank you
How's this?

^Thats sarcasm right?
Well for one I would have used a much more shallow DOF for them to make the couple stand out and the wall blur. This will automatically make them the focal point. As it there are leading lines (the wall) that lead the viewers eye to the empty bench.

Secondly- there are TONS of free actions. Look for pioneer woman actions, and also look up and search their actions- most are free and they have hundreds.

What are you shooting with? Camera/settings? I'm on phone and can't see data.

Hope that at least helps a little.

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