Help Wanted in Choosing Flash for New ''Official Photographer''


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Jun 3, 2011
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I'm going to being taking photos for my fraternity at all of our events. Parties, community service, formals, etc. so there will be a fair amount of low light locations. I have a Canon Rebel XT (so fairly old) with the included kit 18-55 lens with NO image stabilization.

I think the thing I need most is an external flash. The local camera store has a 550ex for $270, the 430ex ii is going for about $280. What do you suggest I get (others suggestions gladly accepted)? What lens should I buy next?

I need some guidance as I'm trying to step in as the ''official photographer.'' Thank you for any input!
Our fraternity rules clearly stated no pictures! My the times have changed. LOL.

Between the two flashes, I'd go for the 430exII. You can pick them up used for a little over $200. For a lens, think speed. The 50 1.8 (but stop it down some) is pretty good for the cost $100.
I'd get the 430EX II. It's a mid level flash that does well for most uses.

The 550EX is an older flash that is more powerful, but I'm not sure that it has all of the features of the 430EX II, like ETTL II for example. The 430 is a better buy.
Go with the 430 and then get a 50mm. It's inexpensive and great.

50mm will do some wonders for you.
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