help witch deal on e bay do i go for


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Jan 9, 2008
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hi there i need some help on getting a camera for my bro there is 2 deals on e bay an im not sure witch to go for

1 a canon e0s 400d with a 18-55mm lens and all the usal stuff u get with it or

2 a canon eos 350d with a 18-55mm lens and a 70-300mm lens and all the usual stuff u get with them

her are the item numbers for them canon 400d / 180204260640
and the canon 350d number is / 290197158536

thanks ......
neither. Go to and order the EOS 400D kit from them.

Ebay deals are junk, and you get a bunch of stuff you don't even want.
Get a 400D.
Get a 400D.
Says the guy packing a bunch of Nikon gear :confused:

SB's probably right though. I didn't look at the eBay auctions, but if you're buying new you can't go wrong with B&H.

As far as 350D vs 400D, that's something you'll have to decide. I went with the 350D simply because the extra money for the 400D wasn't worth any feature upgrades I would have seen.
Go with B&H

or if you must choose....

Go with 400D with 18-55mm. A medium run-of-the-mill zoom can create good photos given good light and stopped down. A telephoto (or ultra wide) run-of-the-mill zoom will more than likely disappoint you. Pass up the 70-300mm for the better camera body. Save, save, save for a better telephoto later.
checked out the ebay items you posted and the don't really seem like good deals. the 400D is aprox 655.39 usd it says on ebay. I am not sure if they ship to the UK but abes of maine has the same package for 526 usd. thats over 100 less, i bet they would ship to the uk for less than 100. on abes the 350D is 465 ud that leaves alot of extra to pick up another lens too. bh photo is good too i have ordered from them before

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