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Mar 31, 2009
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So i just donwloaded the free trial mode of photomatix as of 10 minutes ago, and shot my first 3 pics to be made into HDR! I shot the pics in 400 ISO in early evening, so i firstly dont understand why the pictures seem to have alot of noise? What recomendations would you have for late afternoon/early evening ISO settings? And secondly why is it that after my HDR image is created it apears as though there is an aura around the plant and the cabinet? Also please dont judge the actual pic itself as it was only taken quickly to test out HDR, thanks!

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nice shot i think at least
Is it only me or does everyone get photo unavailable? I'm wondering because clutch 08 (welcome to TPF) said nice shot.
Nope.... got it here ok...

I like the picture. Photomatix is a powerful program, and if you purchase the entire program, I think you end up with about a 30 page manual for download... The settings can be tweaked to no end.. I'd recommend the software - I love it.. you can get some fantastic results..


There's other HDR software out there, but I think Photomatix is the best I've tried...
I'd recommend looking at Ben Willmore's stuff. Where is Ben? He even offers an online HDR class that includes Photomatix. I've been through one of his workshops where he explained some of it.

You'll see that he gets the halo effect around a lot of stuff and likes it. I don't particularly, so I can see why you are wondering about it. I don't know Photomatix well, so can't tell you what to adjust within that, but in the Shadow/Highlight control in Photoshop, you can adjust "radius" to deal with similar effects. Don't know if the control is named the same in Photomatix.

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