Help with Selective color in a BW Photo???

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Nov 13, 2007
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Does anybody know What Program is available for sale that will let you leave one or more objects in a photo in color while all else in in Black and White? I know this is possible with some Canon point and shoot cameras so i figure there MUST be some photo editing program that could offer this.. I have paint shop Pro X2 and i cant seem to figure that out (if you can even do it) I shoot with a Nikon more helpful info
D40x and would love to be able to do this. Also, if anybody knows how to do this in Paint Shop Pro XI, that would help me too Somebody help!!

Thanks, Dick
what's the poll for?
photoshop is the whip for this. But if you have paint shop..I'm sure sabbath's tutorial will work fine.
Why would you want to even do that? I can't say that I have even seen one outstanding or even very good black and white digital photo and none of even the somewhat good standout in my memory either. It is generally because a lot of photographers do not know how to properly and effectively convert a digital photo to black and white with maximum tonal range. Until one can shoot black and white extremely well, why worry about selective colouring which as a process will quickly suffer from overuse and inappropriate or poorly skilled use.

what is the poll for?

selective colouring is often overused, i agree, but it can be nice on some images. i would use just any graphics programme and do it by hand ...

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