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Apr 21, 2009
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I have this project where I am suppose to take HQ images of product bags like chips bag..etc. But as you know the bag is highly reflective and most of the time the reflective area would just blow out and look very unprofessional. So how can I take these glory shots?

I am not sure if I should shoot it with just a dark backdrop or use a light tent..etc...My lights already have diffussers on it and they are fluorescent.

Thanks in advance...
when you say "lights" you mean continuous lights right? not strobes? if so i would switch to strobes, you could use a soft box which will diffuse it alot.

atleast thats how i would do it
I'm not to shure how much you know about your camera but you can set the flash on -3.0 and with a difuser it should be soft enough. And you could also try bouncing the light of another object like white poster board.
If the bags are shiny there's nothing for it but to live with reflections. The trick is to make the reflections LARGE. A simple difuser on a small light source, it matters not whether flash or continous, simply will not do the trick.

You need to create a translucent light tent with your lights on the outside. If necessary, and it often is, you will want to add some black "gobos" inside the tent to add some gaps in the broad reflections to establish some visual queues about the bag's shape.
Thanks for the reply guys. I provided a link to Amazon. If you look at the product images, those are type I need to take good shots of. As you see on Amazon, there is alot of reflections.

[ame=] mareblu: Grocery[/ame]

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